Earth Hour City Challenge
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About the campaign

The Earth Hour City Challenge initiative has been created to celebrate cities that are taking amazing steps towards a 100% renewable future. Our jury has selected 17 cities and municipalities that have shown an extraordinary will to support this transition. Now we need your help in selecting the city that will receive this year’s People’s Choice Award.

Click on one of the finalists below to learn more about their efforts to build a sustainable future.

How to vote


Show your city's greenest side

A truly sustainable city can only be achieved through a collective effort. Green initiatives, big and small, are all around us. By sharing these we inspire each other to do our part in creating a cleaner greener tomorrow.

Show your city’s greenest side. It can be a special initiative that inspires you - the green roof on a neighboring building, the bike path you take to work or just an amazing sunset that shows your city in its full glory.

Submit your pictures by adding the city's hashtag to your Instagram photo. Please note that it might take a short while before your image will appear in our gallery.

Peoples Choice


Experience the finalists from the eyes of their inhabitants. Click on the photos to learn more about the cities and how they are working to create a sustainable future.

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